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A 5 Year Old Child That Can Read, Write, and Spell

How does a 5 year old child learn to read and even write and spell? Not many 5 year olds can read, let alone spell; however, here's an interesting piece about a child who learned to read before 3 and writes her own simple stories. [Read More...] [Children Learning Reading] [Reading Blog]
Synthetic Phonics
What is synthetic phonics? Why is it better than other phonics methods? Find out why synthetic phonics is the best method to use for teaching children to read. [More...]
What is Phonemic Awareness?
You may or may not have heard of phonemic awareness, but it is an extremely important and necessary step in a child's journey of learning to read. [More...]
The Problem With Teaching Sight Words
Many parents and educators begin teaching children to read with sight words lists such as the 220 Dolch sight words; however, this could potentially lead to serious reading difficulties, and we discuss why in detail in a 3 part series:
[Part 1]   [Part 2]   [Part 3]
Short Story by a 5 Year Old
[Read More...]
How to Test Reading Level
This article discusses 3 different reading tests you can use to assess your child's current word reading level. [Part 1] [Part 2]
Different Types of Phonics

Learn about the different phonics methods available that you can use to teach your child to read. [Read More...]

Teach a 3 Year old to Read

Discover how you can effectively teach children as young as 2 and 3 years old to read. [More...]

Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Can't Read

Find out why so many of our children are having reading problems. [More...]
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