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What Is Phonics?

The Key to Learning to Read is Phonics

Phonics is a method of teaching reading which deals with the relationship between the letters and sounds. One cannot learn to read effectively without an understanding of the relationship between the letters and letter sounds, and how they connect to form the words we see in printed text. This is one of the major reasons why programs devoid of any phonics instructions (such as whole language) produce poor reading results, and why any good reading program must include phonics as a key component of learning.

The knowledge of letter sounds and the relations between the sounds is essential in mastering the mechanics of reading.

Our entire site is dedicated to phonics and learning to read, and as you browse our page and articles, it is our hope that we will have presented a rock solid case for the use of phonics as the primary method of learning to read, such that you are convinced of its merits.

Not only will we explore the different phonics methods, we will also share with you what we feel is the most effective phonics method of teaching ANYONE to read - based on experience, research, and scientific evidence.

Synthetic Phonics
Find out why synthetic phonics is the best method to use for teaching children to read. [Read More...]
What's Phonemic Awareness?
Developing phonemic awareness is an absolute necessity when teaching children to read. What is it, and why is it so important? [Read More...]
Types of Phonics

There are different phonics strategies you can use to teach a child to read. Which method works best? [Read More...]
Long and Short Vowels

What's the difference between short and long vowel sounds? Why do vowels make different sounds in different words? What's a silent E, and what are open syllables?
[Read More...]
Teaching Letter Sounds

Learning the alphabet letters and their phonics sounds is critical to learning to read... What's the best way to teach letter names and phonics sounds to a child?
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The Rules of Phonics
Yawn... Does the thought of learning rules make you yawn with boredom? It's no surprise that children do not learn particularly well by learning phonics rules. The good news is that children do not need to learn these rules to become great readers. [Read More...]
Testing Reading Levels
Is your child falling behind, getting ahead, or reading at grade level? There are 3 different reading tests you can use to assess your child's current reading level. [Part 1] [Part 2]
The Problem With Sight Words
Teaching children to read using sight words could lead to serious reading difficulties and problems. Find out why before you teach your child using sight words. [Read More...]
Learning Word Shapes?
How do children learn to read?. Do they learn better by seeing words as "shapes" or do they learn better through phonics and phonemic awareness development? [Read More...]
Learning With Computers?
Do you really think it's a good idea to sit your child in front of the TV or computer screen to learn to read? We don't think so - especially when children today already spend far too much time using electronic devices. [Read More...]
Learning the Wrong Sounds

Learning the improper pronunciation of phonics sounds can lead to reading difficulties in children. Read more to see how this can cause reading problems. [Read More...]