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3 Year Old Reading

Can you really teach a 3 year old child to read? We share videos of two 3 year old children reading, and reading with fluency and accuracy. You will notice that these children can read phonetically and not by memorization. [Read More...]   [Children Learning Reading]
5 Year Old Writes Her Own Story

At a time when most 5 year old children cannot read yet and are being read to by their parents, one 5 year old child not only can read fluently, but can also spell perfectly and writes her own short stories. [Read More...]
Does Learning to Read Early Make Kids Bored in School?

Reading becomes a source of entertainment and knowledge base for children who read early. [Read More...]
Long Term Reading Progress

The benefits of learning to read early are well documented, and is discussed at length on our site here. Here, we show the amazing reading skills development over a 2 and 3 year period of two young children - both learned to read phonetically at age 2. Have a look: [Read More...]
Never Under-Estimate a Child's Ability to Learn
Few would believe that a 2 year old could learn to read, or that a 5 year old can read at a comparable level to grade 7 students. But have no doubts, and watch our videos. [Read More...]
Reading Aloud to Toddlers
There are many benefits of reading aloud to small children. It enhances vocabulary growth, promotes understanding of language, and facilitates general literacy development. [Read More...]
Short Story by a 5 Year Old

[Read More...]
Guided Reading Strategies
Discover 2 simple strategies to use during read aloud sessions to help your child develop early print awareness and phonemic awareness. [Read More...]
Teaching Sight Words
This is a long and very detailed 3 part series discussing the topic of teaching children to read with sight words, and the reading problems it could cause.
[Part 1]   [Part 2]   [Part 3]
Why Can't Our Kids Read?
Is English a hard language to learn? Why are so many children failing at reading? What can we do to help our struggling readers? Here are the top 10 reasons why children are having reading problems.
[Read More...]
Why Should Kids Read?
Here are the top 20 reasons why children should read more.
[Read More...]
Teaching Using Phonics Visuals
How to properly teach letters and sounds using visuals.
[Read More...]
Can Kids Understand What they Read?
You've seen videos of young 3 and 4 year old kids reading, but do they understand what they are reading? This is a common question I receive. Find out if these young kids can understand what they're reading. [Read More...]
Getting Help for Reading Difficulties
Children with reading difficulties should receive extra help ASAP. Reading problems never go away by themselves, and it's always more difficult to help older children with reading problems. [Read More...]
Teaching Baby to Read
The babies you see on infomercials that appear to be reading - are they really reading or memorizing word shapes? [Read More...]
2 Year Old Reading Books
We have 2 amazing videos of a 2 year 4 months old toddler reading story books. He learned to read and decode simple words by age 2, and he's already reading simple story books! [Watch Videos...]
Parents, Get Invovled With Reading
Parental support at home is one of the most important factors determining a child's success at learning to read. Parents are usually the best teachers for their children. [Read More...]