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Learning E and the /e/ Sound - "EH"

Learning Vowel Sounds

Letter E is the second vowel of the alphabet, and it's phonics sound is /e/ - sounds like "EH". This, of course, is the short sound of E, and the long sound of E simply sounds like its name, "YEE". Below is a short video showing 3 year old Ethan demonstrating the /e/ sound and reading words and sentences.

But how do you know when a letter E in a word should be a long or a short sound?

This is why to keep things simple and avoid confusing early learners, we always teach the short sounds first - as part of the basic code - and teach the long sounds later on after the child has gained a solid grasp of the basic code. So here, simply teach your child the phonics sound of letter E as /e/ "EH". Sort of like how we Canadians like to say "EH" at the end of most sentences. =)

Below are some sample short E words:

EGG - /e/ /g/

BED - /b/ /e/ /d/

END - /e/ /n/ /d/

Below are activities and worksheets for you to use when teaching the letter E.

Learning Activity for /e/

  1. Show the printout of letter E to your child and explain that this makes the /e/ sound - "EH"
  2. Say it several times and stretch out the sound a bit.
  3. Ask your child to repeat the sound after you.
  4. Point to "E" and ask "What sound does this make?"
  5. Work with the suggested letter "E" words from above. Emphasize the /e/ sound in each word.
  6. Printout the worksheet below and let you child have some fun working on it.
  7. Once awhile, point to letter E and ask what sound it makes.
  8. Read the "E" rhyme at the bottom of this page with your child to practice the /e/ sound.

Letter E Worksheets

Worksheet for letter E and /e/ sound is below.


Letter E Rhyme and Song

Ed the Canadian Beaver

Ed, Ed, the Canadian Beaver. Eh Eh Eh.

Ed, Ed, the Canadian Beaver has big sharp teeth.

Eh, Eh, Eh!


Hey Ed! Whacha doing? Eh...

Eh, Nothin' Much.

I'm just practicing my Eh Eh Eh. Eh...