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Teaching Letter F and the /f/ Sound

We will teach the letter F and its sound here. The /f/ sound is made when your lower teeth lightly touches your upper lips and a stream of air is gently pushed through the opening. Try making the /ffffff/ sound. The video below shows how to make the unvoiced /f/ sound.

It is important to remember that it's always better to teach the letter name along with the letter sound, and this is why in all the letter sound activities on our site, you'll see that we teach letter names and sounds. Read more about why here.

Here are a few examples for F letter words:

FOOD - /f/ /oo/ /d/

FLIP - /f/ /l/ /i/ /p/

FEET - /f/ /ee/ /d/

Learning Activity for /f/

  1. Show the letter "F" to your child and demonstrate how to make the /f/ sound.
  2. Ask your child to practice making the /f/ sound several times.
  3. Practice the /f/ sound with the above listed words. You can emphasize the /f/ sound by stretching it out slightly. /fffff/
  4. Point to the letter "F" and ask what sound does this make?
  5. Printout the worksheet for letter F below, and let your child work on it.
  6. Read the "F" rhyme below.

Letter F Worksheets