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Letter G and the /g/ Sound

The letter G makes a short sound, and it cannot be stretched without distorting its sound. So when teaching this, please do not stretch the sound. The short video below demonstrates the sound of letter G.

The /g/ sound of G is sometimes written as "GUH", but do not voice the ending "-UH" sound. If you did, you'll end up distorting the sound of various words, for example:



Practice the /g/ sound with these words:

BAG - /b/ /a/ /g/

DOG - /d/ /o/ /g/

Note: letters enclosed by slashes // denote the sound of the letter.

Learning Activity for /g/

  1. Teach letter G and its /g/ sound to your child by showing the printout and demonstrating its sound.
  2. Have your child repeat several times after you.
  3. Practice the /g/ sound with your child using these words:
    • DOG
    • GAP
    • BAG
    • GLAD
    • GOAT
    • GRASS
    • Feel free to add in your own words
  4. Review the letter G and ask "what sound does this make?"
  5. Have some fun with the G worksheet provided below.

Letter G Worksheets



Letter G Rhyme and Song

Grandpa says Guh. Grandma says Guh. 

I say Guh Guh Guh.

Grandpa is being goofy. Guh guh guh.

Grandma is chewing gum. Guh guh guh.

I say Guh.

You say Guh.

We all say Guh Guh Guh.

Note:  Say the proper /g/ sound and not "GUH". So it should be like so:

Grandpa says /g/. Grandma says /g/. 

I say /g/ /g/ /g/.

And so on...