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So, You Want to Teach Your Child the Letter M and its /m/ Sound

We all know the importance of reading, and to be able to read, a child must first learn the letter names and sounds of the alphabet. This is why we've created a page to teach each of the letters using activities, worksheets, songs and rhymes, and videos.

We will teach the letter M and its sound here.

The M consonant sound is made by lightly pressing the lips together while making the /mmm/ sound from your vocal cords. Try saying the /m/ sound several times. This is also one of the few nasal sounds of English - the others being N and NG.

Because M and N are both nasal sounds, some younger children may have slight difficulties distinguishing the subtle differences between the two sounds. So a little extra time may be needed to work on the /m/ sound.

Try saying the /mmm/ sound several times, and say it slowly. Stretch the sound out. Try it with these words:

MOM - /m/ /o/ /m/

MAP - /m/ /a/ /p/

MONDAY - /m/ /o/ /n/ /d/ /ay/

Learning Activity for /m/

  1. Show your child the letter M (m) and demonstrate how to make the nasal /m/ sound. You may wish to also wish to teach letter N to show the sound difference between these letters.
  2. Ask your child to say the /mmm/ sound several times.
  3. Fun to do: to explain what a nasal sound is to your child, pinch your nose and you'll see that you cannot make the /m/ sound at all. Ask your child to pinch his / her nose and see if the /mmm/ sound can be made.
  4. Work on the /mmm/ sound with the above listed words. When reading these words, stretch out the M sound.
  5. Work on the M worksheet provided below, and also read the rhyme provided below.

Letter M Worksheets



Letter M Rhyme and Song

My mom gave me some gum.

Yum, yum!

I put the gum in my mouth.

Yum, yum!

The gum is so yum, mom!

I ask my mom:

May I have some more gum, mom?

My mom says:

Not now, I have to go buy some ham, jam, and spam, Sam.