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Alphabet and Phonics Sound Chart

ABC Chart Infographic: All About Phonemes and Sounds!

There are 44+ phonemes (sounds) in English, and these can be broadly categorized into the sounds of the "basic" code and sounds of the "complex" code. To become efficient, accurate, and fluent readers, children (adults) must master this "code" through phonics instructions and through the development of phonemic awareness.

To help build awareness in the importance of learning phonics and phonics sounds, we spent a lot of time to create the following alphabet sound chart infographic, which contains a fairly comprehensive list of the sounds of English. It not only includes the many different sounds, but also includes the many different spellings as well. For example, the long A /ai/ sound can be spelled as -a, -ai, -ay, -ae, -ey, -a_e, and -eigh. See below:


 phonics sound chart infographic
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As you can see, learning to read isn't such a simple process! There are many different sounds, and there are sounds which can be represented by multiple different spellings! Imagine if you were to try to teach all of this to a child, you'd end up confusing the poor child! This is why we say:

You should always teach the "basic" code first!

By initially focusing on the basic code, you can help the young learner build a solid base in reading and decoding. You can then slowly introduce the "complex code" to help round-out the child's understanding of reading and decoding, and to build more reading fluency and accuracy.

We have developed a systematic, logical, simple, and super effective phonics and phonemic awareness program that will teach your child to read. Our program works so well that children as young as 2 and 3 years old can learn to read with it.

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