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T-T-T-Time to Learn Letter T and the /t/ Sound!

Try saying /t/ several times. /t/ as in "TOP" or "TAN". Do not say "tee" as that is only the name of the letter and not its proper sounding. Do not say "TUH" either, and we explain why below.

The letter T is another unvoiced consonant sound in the English Alphabet. No vibration is made with the vocal cord when making this sound. All it is, is a quick puff of air being forced out of the mouth.

The mouth position for /t/ is similar to letter D and the /d/ sound. The major difference here is that /d/ is a voiced sound - the sound comes from your throat where a vibration is made using the vocal cords.

Try saying the /d/ (voiced) and the /t/ (unvoiced) sounds to see the difference and pay attention to where the sound is coming from.

T is also a short sound, such that you cannot stretch it out without distorting its pronunciation. You may see the /t/ sound represented as "TUH" at times, however, do not voice the ending "-UH". It does not sound like /TUH/.

For example, you would not say "BAT" as /BATUH/. Here are some example words:

TOP - /t/ /o/ /p/

TIN - /t/ /i/ /n/

TEA - /t/ /ea/

Learning Activity for /t/

  1. Show the capital and lower-case T to your child and say the /t/ sound several times. Do not pronounce it as "TUH". Remember, T is unvoiced.
  2. Let your child practice saying the /t/ sound several times.
  3. Work on practicing the /t/ sound with the above listed T words.
  4. Ask your child to find all the /t/ sounds in those words.
  5. Let's play some sound substitution games.
    1. What if I replace the /p/ with a /t/ sound in TOP, what word does that make? (TOT)
    2. How about replacing the the /t/ with a /d/ sound in NET, what words is it now? (NED)
    3. If we get rid of the /t/ in TIPS and put in a /d/, what word is it now? (DIPS)
  6. Work on the letter T worksheet provided below, and also read the rhyme.

Letter T Worksheets


Letter T Rhyme and Song

Mat has a pet cat named Tat.

Tat the cat ate a rat,

And Tat the cat got sick.

Mat says: oh no, he's sick, my pet cat Tat.

I have to help my pet cat Tat!

Mat has a bright idea.

Let's get my pet cat Tat to the vet.

The vet gives a shot to Tat the cat.

He now feels better, my pet cat Tat.