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A Proven Step-by-Step Program That Will Teach Your Child to Read - Guaranteed

Teach Your Child to Read Today

There are different approaches to learning to read, such as the whole language method and the phonics method. If you've explored around our site a bit, you'll see that we believe the combination of teaching phonemic awareness along with explicit phonics is the most effective approach to teaching reading. This approach is so effective that it could be adapted to teach children as young as 2 years old to read effectively, and more importantly, read phonetically.

Certainly, there are numerous "reading" programs on the market today where some even claim to be able to teach babies to "read". Many of these involve sitting your infant in front of the television or computer screen for long periods of time; words are flashed on the screen, and after repeated exposure, it appears that the baby can read! But dig a bit deeper and you'll see that these children have not actually learned to read, but memorized word shapes. A large part of the whole language method is about memorizing words, and rarely does the learner gain a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanics of actual phonetic reading.

However, the Children Learning Reading program is a learning method based on helping children develop phonemic awareness and teaching them to read through explicit phonics instructions - otherwise known as synthetic phonics. This method of learning makes it possible to teach kids as young as 2 and 3 years old to read - through effective decoding of printed text. Have a look at these 2 videos:

This is a video of Ethan, reading at 2 years 9 months old, after just 11 weeks of reading instructions using the Children Learning Reading program.

This second video shows Raine, reading at 4 years 5 months old. She also learned to read before turning 3 years old using the Children Learning Reading program. You'll notice the reading fluency, accuracy, and confidence a 4 year old child can achieve through the above mentioned learning method.

About The Reading Program

The Children Learning Reading program was developed to make it possible and simple enough to teach children of all ages to read and decode - even small toddlers as you can see from the videos above.

This program is taught in a two stage process including a total of 50 reading lessons. One key requirement of it, is that daily parental involvement is a must - it requires parents to spend about 10 minutes working on the reading lessons on a daily basis with their children. It does not involve sitting your child in front of the TV or computer screen. It requires you to spend some quality time bonding with your child during the learning process. This is what makes it unique and amazingly effective.

This reading program also comes with simple, decodable short stories to enhance the child's learning process. It also includes over 40 mp3 audio clips to demonstrate how to properly sound out all the phonemes (sounds) taught in the program. And if you wanted, you could greatly enhance your experience by upgrading to the premium package which includes numerous great add-on items - one of which is a 4 part video series that shows lesson-by-lesson progress of Ethan (2.5 year old) over a 12 week period. This video series is 2 hours and 24 minutes long, and shows you exactly how each lesson is taught to the young toddler. You'll also get to see first hand the Amazing progress of the child going from knowing only the 2 letters of A and B to being able to read and decode words, sentences, and short stories.

If the development of your child is important to you, if you want the best for your child, and if you believe that reading early bestows great benefits for your child's development, then you need Children Learning Reading. This is a reading program that delivers amazing results, and at just $49.95, its cost is just a fraction of what most other programs charge.

Teach Your Child to Read Today, With the Children Learning Reading Program.