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Kids Reading Video Clips

Watch How Well These Young Children Can Read

Below are a series of videos showing the reading progress of 2 young children starting from when they were toddlers - at just 2 years old. Both learned to read before 3 years old through simple, systematic phonics instructions, and both read phonetically. Below are the videos showing how well young children can learn to read, with short descriptions attached.

Video 1: Ethan, 2 Years 8 Months Old

Here's a video clip showing the reading progress of a two year old toddler after 4 and 8 weeks phonics instructions. You'll see him reading simple words to simple sentences, and he is reading phonetically - through decoding and deciphering printed text and not by word shape memorization. (Length: 2:39)

Video 2: Ethan, 2 Years 9 Months Old

Here's a follow-up video showing the same child's reading progress after 11 weeks of reading lessons. You'll notice how he "sounds out" each word and then says the word - this is the early stages of reading and literacy development, where the child eventually becomes an extremely fluent and efficient reader. (Length 1:21)

Video 3: Ethan, 3 Years 5 Months Old

Here's a third video showing Ethan reading fairly long and complicated story books. His word recognition skills by this time is much more automatic and instantaneous, and the need to "sound words out" has slowly faded away with time and practice.

Video 4: Raine, 2 Years 11 Months Old

Raine is Ethan's older sister who learned also learned to read at an early age. You will get to see how a young child is able to develop amazing reading skills. Here is a short video showing Raine's reading progress also after 11 weeks of reading lessons. (Length 1:50)

Video 5: Raine, 3 Years 4 Months Old

Below is a clip showing her progress about 5 months later. At just 3 years old, she able to read confidently and fluently. More importantly, she is reading phonetically. (Length 1:46)

Video 6: Raine, 4 Years 5 Months Old

At 4 years 2 Months of age, Raine was reading at a grade 3 level with a reading age of 9 years. She is able to read longer and more complex books, and she is able to read for meaning, and more importantly, read for self-entertainment. Sure beats watching television! (Length 1:51)

Video 7: Raine, 4 Years 11 Months Old

With advanced reading skills, she is able to read and enjoy chapter books before age 5.

Quite amazing accomplishments for such young children. Many adults find it difficult to believe that children can learn to read at such young ages, or relegate to the belief that these young children must be gifted in some ways; however, that's not the case. With the right tools and knowledge, any parent (including you) can teach any NORMAL child to read using a simple, systematic process. It's a simple step-by-step learning system that requires you to spend about 10 to 15 minutes of your time each day teaching your child to read.

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