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List of Dolch Sight Words by Grade Level

What Are Dolch Sight Words?

The 220 Dolch sight words were compiled by Edward W. Dolch long ago, back in 1936. This is a list of high frequency words - words which we commonly see in print, and constitutes about 65% of all words you will find in primary level reading materials. These 220 sight words are often used as part of the whole language method approach of learning to read, which is very much a memorization based method for reading. Furthermore, recent research has shown that the whole language method of learning is rather ineffective.

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Our article here is actually not about why you shouldn't teach your child to read using sight words - it's already discussed extensively in other articles on our site. Please see the related links on the right.

Dolch Sight Words Flash Cards, Worksheets, and Sentences

For each of the 5 levels of Dolch words, we have prepared free printable flashcards, worksheets, and sentences for you. Click on the icons below to go to the respective pages for each of the 5 levels. All files are provided in PDF format.

Dolch Pre-Primer Level Printables

This includes flashcards and worksheets for all the words contained in the pre-primer level.


Dolch Primer Level Printables

This includes flashcards and worksheets for all the words contained in the primer level.

Printables for Dolch Sight Words Grade 1

These are free printables for all the sight words contained in the first grade level.

Dolch 2nd Grade Sight Words

These are flash cards, worksheets, and sentences for grade 2 level sight words.

Grade 3 Dolch Sight Words Worksheets

Finally, these printables and worksheets include all the grade 3 level words. Click image below to go to page.

The List of 220 Dolch Sight Words

The 220 words in the Dolch list does not include nouns, and are categorized into 5 levels:

  1. pre-primer
  2. primer
  3. grade 1
  4. grade 2
  5. grade 3

As you've seen above, each level contains a number of "sight" words, and for the entire list of 220 words, we have these all listed in the following PDF file:

Did you know that you do not need, nor should you use sight words to teach your child to read?

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