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Printable ABC Letter Cards

Teach Your Child Letters and Sounds With Our Alphabet Wall Posters

We've made 26 large alphabet letter pages that can be printed and made into wall posters. We also have a smaller version of these here. These are very colorful printables that we made for use with our own children, and you are welcome to download and print them for your personal use.


A quick note about our large ABC printables. On most sheets, just below the word, you'll see some descriptions of the different sounds that can be made by a particular alphabet letter. You'll also see what we label as "basic code" and "complex code" on many of these pages.

In English, there are 44+ phonemes represented by the 26 letters plus letter combinations. In some situations, one letter can represent multiple sounds, and in other situations, one sound can be represented by multiple same spellings.

For example, for the letter A, its short sound is /a/ "ah". It also has a long sound /ay/ and this long sound of A can be represented by multiple spellings including -a, -ai, -ae, -a_e, -ey, and -eigh! What we have done is listed most of these for each of the letters, which hopefully you'll find helpful.

You may also find our infographic on phonics sound chart helpful as well.


So as you can see, things can be quite complicated when it comes to learning to read! However, there's a very simple and effective method that will allow you to easily teach your child to read - everything is taught in a logical and sequential order. Follow the step-by-step instructions, and you and your child will see amazing results.

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