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Large Printable Alphabet Letter Cards

Free Alphabet Flashcard Printables - With Pictures! (1)

To learn to read, one of the first things a child must learn is the ABC's of the English alphabet, and what's a better way to achieve that goal with pretty and colorful flashcards! See below:


Sure, there's plenty of free templates for the 26 letters on the web, but you'll probably have a hard time finding ones that are as pretty as ours. =) And best of all, they are free!

In all, there are 26 flash cards - obviously - and each includes the upper- and lower-case letters, along with colorful pictures. We created these ourselves to use with our children, and they love it. We also made it slightly larger than what you might find elsewhere, as we thought that having a slightly bigger size "felt better", and once you download, print, cut them out, they'll measure roughly 3.5 x 4.5 inches.

Download Our Alphabet Flashcards Below:

Note: there are 7 pages in total - each containing 4 cards. The files are provided in Adobe PDF format, so you will need Adobe reader to view and print them.


These alphabet letter cards are great for introducing the ABC's to your child, but I'd like to make a note here that when you teach them to your child, please teach the letter name and letter sound together. Please see our article here on why this is important.

Aside from simply teaching the letter names and sounds, did you know that you can take it a BIG step further by actually teaching your child to read? By reading, I mean phonetic reading, and not sight word memorization. It's a fairly simple and straightforward process to teach a young child to read, and we have an exceptionally simple and extremely effective system for teaching children to read. Our reading program works for children of ALL AGES - it works wonderfully to teach even 2 and 3 year olds to read, and it works to teach older children and even adults to read.

Here's a short video showing our son learning to read:

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(Part 2: Making Your Own Cards)