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Phoneme Substitution Activities

Changing the Words by Manipulating the Sounds

As you'll know by just reading through some of the articles on our site here, phonemic awareness is the key to teaching children to read. To help accomplish this, we've created a set of worksheets covering different aspects of phonemic awareness, and this page includes phoneme substitution activities.


What is it? Phoneme substitution is simply changing one word into a new word by changing any one of its sounds. We'll use the word "BAND" as an example.

Please watch the short video below showing us working on some substitution tasks with our 3.5 year old son.


Phonemic Substitution Worksheets

We have prepared two worksheets for your child to practice sound substitution tasks below. They are provided in PDF format.



I'll briefly explain how it works. Take a look at the first worksheet. In the first row, you see 3 boxes containing:

The goal of the first row is to replace all the beginning sounds with the /c/ sound. So:

The first worksheet works with replacing some consonant sounds while the second sheet includes some short vowel substitution tasks. When working on these, please SAY OUT LOUD each of the words nice and slow, to help you child HEAR each of the sounds. The key to developing phonemic awareness is learning about and learning to work with the individual sounds.

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